The Simplest Program For Battling Fear, Mental Blocks, and Balking Ever Created

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FEAR. It’s one of the most frustrating things for coaches, athletes and parents! One day you can do the skill the next day you can’t, or you KNOW you can do it but your body won’t let you go. How can you beat this fear beast once and for all?

I’m Dr. Alison Arnold and I have taken 28 years of peak performance mental training in gymnastics and distilled it down into the easiest set of tools possible. Short. Powerful. Simple. Although this is a course, it is made of individual tools that can be used immediately in the gym and at home to break through blocks. Each segment is four minutes or less so that busy athletes can fit it into their busy lives. These hard-hitting tools are designed to beat fears, mental blocks, and balks in the shortest amount of time, in a format that athletes can handle. For six weeks, links to these tools will be emailed to you. They can be watched streaming online, or you can download them to the free Teachable app (iOS compatible) to take with you in the car, gym, or anywhere. In addition, mp3 audio files will be provided for even more flexibility.

For you parents, I’ve even included a segment to best help you support your athlete through the ups and downs of this incredible sport of ours.


These tools are licensed for use by a single individual and recorded IP Address who purchases FEAR–Tame the Beast 2.0. Any unauthorized sharing, use of the materials for commercial purpose, or for any public display (commercial or non-commercial) is prohibited. Sorry for all the legally stuff but this puppy was a lot of work!

If you would like to purchase FEAR–Tame the Beast 2.0 for your gym or club, please email me directly here.