28 Years of Peak Performance Training for Gymnasts

Dr. Alison Arnold pioneered peak performance mental training in the sport of gymnastics. For the past 28 years, Doc Ali has worked with thousands of athletes in all sports, parents, coaches, Olympic medalists, and NCAA champions. She has coached celebrities, and corporations including American Express, Boeing, and GlaxoSmithKline. After receiving her PhD in Clinical Psychology, she spent 12 weeks studying the mind with the masters in Nepal, four weeks in a Thai forest monastery, three weeks in the Amazon jungle in Peru, two weeks in silence integrating it all, and still made it back to teach it. Doc Ali also received certification in neuroscience and leadership from MIT. A former high level athlete herself, she is relentless about helping people reach their potential. She is a consistently invited contributor to national and international summits, and industry publications and websites around the world. Ali is the mother of a nine-year-old boy who snowboards, plays basketball & soccer, and competes in chess.

Her company HeadGames (HeadGamesWorld.com) is a resource for products, live sessions, and online mental training groups specifically designed for gymnasts.